Executive Advisors

PMG offers Executive Advisory Services for large airport capital programs. PMG works directly with the airport’s Executive Management Team to evaluate and develop the overall execution strategy for major capital development programs. PMG starts with determining the owner’s OBJECTIVES, CAPABILITIES and CONSTRAINTS to develop the best overall funding/financing strategy, delivery method strategy, organizational strategy, management and control systems, risk strategy, communication strategy, and other aspects of the capital development program to create the best overall execution approach

Executive Program Management

PMG offers Executive Program Management Services, working as an extension of the airport’s Executive Management Team to oversee the efficient and cost effective execution of the airport’s capital development program. PMG provides a small number of key experienced program executive leaders to oversee and manage the implementation of the airport’s development program from an owner’s point of view.

P3 Advisors

Working with the airport’s Executive Management Team, PMG provides the management expertise in Public-Private Partnerships to conduct the necessary qualitative and quantitative evaluation to determine if implementing a P3 delivery is the best approach. If the evaluation proves the merits of a P3 delivery, PMG acts as the owner’s representative overseeing the development of the necessary procurement documents and procurement processes through financial and commercial close.

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